8 Adelaide in 1849


9 Anna Maria Crougey’s Parents and Siblings from 1850

Captain Henry and Grace Crougey

Nicholas Crougey miner and Anna Maria Kempe, Burra and Victoria

Grace Crougey Jnr and Frederick Williams Thomas, Adelaide baker and businessman

Elizabeth Crougey and Abel Rowe, smelter and miner, to New Zealand

Jane Crougey and Henry Crougey miner, Moonta

Hester Ann Crougey and John Good, draper and warehouseman, Adelaide

Mary Crougey, William Martin and Samuel Nelson, two late marriages


10 Henry Martin’s Mother and Siblings from 1847

Elizabeth Martin Snr and John Holman, remarriage and widowhood

Thomas Martin, Willunga Slate Quarry, Elizabeth Polkinghorne and Bridget Hall

John Martin schoolteacher and Ann Mills, Tungkillo and Adelaide

Jenefer Martin and Josiah Phillips miner, Moonta Mines

Elizabeth Martin and Thomas Rodda, pioneer farmers on the Yorke Peninsula

Michael Martin mine engineer and Jane Martin, Moonta Mines

William Martin

Caroline Martin and James Sawle farmers, Angaston to New Zealand


11 Henry Martin Shopkeeper and Anna Maria Crougey, Adelaide and Moonta 1850–1922

The goldfields

An Adelaide grocer


The Martin household

Moonta and the Martins: business and community

Henry’s trip to England 1886

Mayor of Moonta

Golden Wedding and final years


12 Jane Coombe’s Parents and Siblings from 1848, Mining in the Mount Lofty Ranges

Mining in the Mount Lofty Ranges

The Coombe family in Paringa

Harriet Coombe and Samuel Nash in Victoria

Caroline Coombe and Benjamin Bleechmore, an unknown end


13 William Jacka Snr in Adelaide from 1849, Starting a Business


Living in Light Square

Establishing a business


14 William Jacka Jnr’s Sisters and Brothers from 1849, to the Goldfields and Back

Anna Jacka and Robert Murray, the goldfields, Moonta and Broken Hill

Margaret Jacka and Stephen Brown, gold, copper and a hard farming Life

Elizabeth Jacka, Joseph Giles and Henry Lewis, unfortunate choices in men

Eliza Jacka, Thomas Smith and Henry Curtis, tragedy on the goldfields

Walter Jacka blacksmith, Philippa Datson and Isabella Flynn

Catherine Jacka and George Bright, tailor, Adelaide and Mount Gambier

Joseph Jacka blacksmith and Annie Kent, Adelaide and the Lower North

Samuel Jacka stove and oven-maker, and Elizabeth Harris, Adelaide

Samuel Jacka and the Don Dunstan connection


15 William Jacka Jnr Blacksmith and Jane Coombe, Paringa and Adelaide 1849–1862

Early years in the Mount Lofty Ranges

William and Jane in Rundle Street from 1852


16 William Jnr and Jane Jacka in Auburn, New Enterprises 1863–1876

Sunnyside Farm


The Jacka Family in Auburn

Brewing in Auburn


17 William Jnr and Jane Jacka in Melrose, the North Star Hotel 1876–1880

Development of the Northern Areas

The North Star Hotel

Melrose Brewery


18 William Jnr and Jane Jacka, Willochra and Hammond to 1890



Beginnings and a new hotelx

Water supply for Hammond

The railway


The Hammond Hotel

Hammond institutions in the 1880s

The Jacka family