2 Thomas Martin of Stithians, Rural Cornwall 1780–1848

The Parish of Stithians

Agricultural Cornwall

Thomas Martin’s early ancestors

Thomas Martin’s parents, Michael Martin and Jane Bath

Thomas Martin’s brothers

Henry Martin and Elizabeth Bray

Joseph Martin and Sarah Martin

Martin Martin and Keturah Martin

Michael Martin Jnr and Jane Martin

Thomas Martin and Elizabeth Pearce and their children in Cornwall

Thomas and Elizabeth’s daughter Jenefer Martin and Josiah Phillips

Thomas and Elizabeth’s son Nicholas Martin and Caroline Peters


3 Captain Henry Crougey and Cornish Mining, Wendron 1790–1849

Cornish Mining

Captain Henry Crougey’s parents, Nicholas Crougey and Mary Rowe

Captain Henry Crougey’s brother John Crougey and Ann Wicks

Captain Henry Crougey and Grace Willmott and their children in Cornwall

Captain Henry and Grace’s son Henry Crougey Jnr and Mary Ann Crougey

Captain Henry and Grace’s son Nicholas Crougey and Anna Maria Kempe


4 Samuel Coombe, Miner of Frogpool in Gwennap Parish 1790–1847

Samuel Coombe’s forebears

Samuel Coombe’s parents, John Coombe (III) and Julia Hocken

Samuel Coombe’s sisters and brothers

Sarah Coombe and John Eddy

Mary Coombe and William Trevena

Henry Coombe and Mary Trevena

John Coombe and Eliza Richards

Edward Coombe and Harriet Hoskin

Samuel Coombe and Harriet Dunstan and their children in Cornwall


5 William Jacka Snr, Blacksmith of St Day, Town life in Cornwall 1790–1848

William Jacka Snr’s parents, Samuel Jacka and Margaret Bray

William Jacka Snr’s brothers and sisters

Mary, Samuel Jnr, Walter, Agnes and Benjamin Jacka

Thomas Jacka and Alice Hart

John Jacka and Mary Hancock

Joseph Jacka and Mary Provis

William Jacka Snr in St Day

William Snr and Mary Bray

Commercial activity in St Day

Living in St Day in the 1840s

William Jacka Snr’s Family: changes in the 1840s